Searching for Bankruptcy Guidance in Binghamton, NY?

Searching for Bankruptcy Guidance in Binghamton, NY?

Preparing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is simple when you hire Binghamton Law Clinic. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Binghamton, NY are prepared to figure out what type of bankruptcy would help you. We'll also help you fill out all paperwork accurately.

Bring any financial information, including credit card statements, bank statements, loan documents and paystubs, to your consultation. We'll use all of that information to fill out your bankruptcy petition, schedules, statement of affairs and other required documents.

Visit our Chapter 7 bankruptcy page now to learn about the type of bankruptcy you need to file for.

Turn to the Binghamton Law Clinic for Bankruptcy Guidance

Compiling all of the required documents before your consultation can move the process along quickly. You'll need:

  • Your recent tax returns
  • 2 months of paycheck stubs
  • Current copies of your mortgage and vehicle loan statements
  • Foreclosure-related paperwork
  • A copy of your life insurance policy
  • Copies of your investment and retirement statements
  • A car valuation
  • A copy of your driver's license and social security card

If you're self-employed, you'll also need profit and loss statements from the last two years and year-to-date figures. You'll need a copy of your marital settlement agreement if you're separated or divorced.

Contact us today to file for bankruptcy in Binghamton, NY. You'll breathe easier knowing that we'll soon resolve your debt issues.