Your Student Attorney in Binghamton, NY

Your Student Attorney in Binghamton, NY

Visit Binghamton Law Clinic near the SUNY Binghamton Campus

Getting into legal trouble while still in college can cost you more than thousands of dollars in fines and bail - it can shortchange your future. If you've been charged with a crime or are facing a legal battle, the lawyers at Binghamton Law Clinic can help.

Turn to the Binghamton Law Clinic for Student Legal Defense

We've helped students deal with all types of legal issues. Put your trust in us when you are:

  • Arrested and charged with a crime
  • Charged with DWI
  • Going through a no-contest divorce
  • Considering bankruptcy

If you've been charged with a crime, the school will need to know. Your conviction will likely violate the university's code of ethics. The university may merely reprimand you, but you could potentially be expelled. The lawyers at the Binghamton Law Clinic can help you work through this process, too.

The Binghamton Law Clinic focuses on mediation services for students dealing with legal issues in Binghamton, NY. Call 607-722-0787 today to make an appointment.